The Power of Play

Instructor Tanna Neufeld, MS, CCC-SLP

I am an SLP and AAC specialist with more than a decade of experience working with children with complex communication needs. Find out more about me by connecting with me wherever you get social!

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About this Course

Children learn best when engaged in emotionally meaningful and natural interactions with play and learning partners.  Parents and other primary caregivers, as well as professionals supporting child development and education, are essential play partners in a child’s life and learning.  This course will help attendees navigate this important piece of their overall role by exploring why adult-child play is important and how best to facilitate play with young children to build physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and communication skills.  Professionals will learn how to build upon their own knowledge-base of the play and learning relationship to best support parent-child play interactions.  The content in this course will span the ages of birth through 5 years. Handouts and resources accompany this video course.

Learning Objectives


  • Briefly discuss  the development of play skills across early childhood and explore the different types of play & how each impacts brain/body development.
  • Learn how to select powerful toys and activities that will grow with a child. 
  • Learn play partner strategies that keep the play going and build lasting skills for social and academic success.

Time: 90 minutes

Online, On-Demand

Cost: $10.00

Quiz & Certificate for CEU/CMH

Registration Available Soon

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