How to Model AAC During Shared Reading

Instructor Tanna Neufeld, MS, CCC-SLP

I am an SLP and AAC specialist with more than a decade of experience working with children with complex communication needs. Find out more about me by connecting with me wherever you get social!

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About this Course

Evidence-based practice in child language and literacy development, as well as within the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) emphasizes the importance of shared reading experiences to the long-term language and literacy growth of young children. For children who use AAC, shared reading can offer a uniquely powerful role in language development due to its rich, visual environment, salient context, and child-centered, motivating topics that relate to life experiences and whimsical ideas alike. Attendees will learn powerful, shared reading strategies to employ with all young children, as well as effective adaptations to consider for complex communicators who use AAC at varying levels. Handouts and resources accompany this video course.

Time: TBD

Online, On-Demand

Cost: TBD

Quiz & Certificate for CEU/CMH

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