At Teaching form the Trenches, we offer a unique way for rehab and education professionals to obtain continuing ed on the topics they need to be awesome at their jobs.  We offer a practical and supportive way for parents to be even greater parents.  By harnessing the power of popular social media platforms and user driven content, we offer practical solutions to everyday problems, brought to you by people who actually do your job. Our mission is to ensure quality service delivery in rehab and education by helping you tackle your work with efficiency, creativity, and efficacy, in the time frame of a lunch break, and on a shoestring budget. Our  mission is to help parents do the same as their child’s first and best teachers.  Out multimedia teaching focus will link you to the content you need in a manner that suits your learning style and schedule. Our practical perspective will ensure that you not only link up to the most pin-worthy materials colleagues and friends are raving about, but also learn the how-to and why that ensure best practice for you and solid progress for those you serve.  Learn with us.  Teach with us.  We can’t wait to meet you in the trenches!

The Trenches Team

As a new speech therapist “in the trenches”, I remember early on in my career desperately seeking the professional development I needed to serve that new kid emerging on my busy caseload on Monday! I often found myself, a rogue fellow, doing my best to navigate these new waters with nothing more than my MS and a few clinical internships-worth of on-the-job experience. Like you, I was scouring the internet on my lunch break to find some sort of guidance for those tough cases waiting in the lobby. I attended as many conferences and full day training’s as I could, but often felt that many led with research and lacked practical applications that I could take with me to my next tricky session. Doing my job has certainly gotten easier with more experience, but I never stop encountering kids who need me to bring more to the table and my desire to keep learning and growing as a professional is going strong!

Founder & Contributor, Tanna Neufeld, MS, CCC-SLP

I am currently a speech-language pathologist and augmentative-alternative communication (AAC) consultant (and a mom of two young children!) with over 12 years of experience supporting a wide range of individuals with complex communication needs . As a clinical faculty member in higher education, I support graduate students on their journeys to become creative and effective therapists. I have a passion for teaching and have presented locally and nationally on a wide range of continuing education topics. I have benefited tremendously from the mentor relationships I have maintained over the course of my career, both as a mentor and as a recipient of sound guidance.

I founded Teaching form the Trenches upon these roots

Recognition of the ongoing learning needs of professionals in the rehab and education fields, first-hand knowledge of the time and financial constraints of staying up-to-speed on best practice and practical applications, realization of the benefits of positive peer-to-peer professional development and mentoring opportunities, and a life-long commitment to learning and providing awesome service to those who need it.